Dear friends and colleagues, first, I wish you all a Happy and Bright 2017! It is a great pleasure and an honour to be elected president of the ISBC. I wish to thank the past President, Yoshihiro Ohmiya, for the great job organizing the successful meeting in Tsukuba, Japan, and the colleagues that have supported the Society along the past years, especially Aldo Roda, and the organizers of the past meetings.

My background is in Biological Sciences, graduated in Biochemistry and focused my research interests in the molecular biology of bioluminescent insects, especially their luciferases. During my carreer I was lucky to meet prominent advisors and close friends such as Etelvino Bechara (São Paulo University), Cleide Costa (São Paulo University)Yoshihiro Ohmiya (AIST), J.W. Hastings and Thérèse Wilson (Harvard University). They helped to shape my career providing the excitement for multidisciplinary science, which still I fully enjoy and try to transmit to my graduate students at Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil), where I hold the position as an Associate Professor. Currently my research group is committed to studying and prospecting the diversity of bioluminescent organisms in Brazil and Neotropical America, especially the mechanisms, structure and function of luciferases, the origin of bioluminescence, and harnessing their properties to develop biosensors.

My first participation in a ISBC meeting was in 1996 in Woods Hole as a PhD student, when got myself tremendously enthusiastic to meet eminent scientists. Since then, I participated in all meetings of the Society, proud to be a member of a prestigious group of scientists expert in chemi- and bio-electronic excitation. Very exciting and rewarding was to be honored with the Marlene DeLuca Prize in 1998 in Bologna. During all these years, we contributed to and wittnessed remarkable advances in the basic and applied fields of Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence.

I now hearthly wish to contribute to our Society by promoting the society and the fields of bioluminescencence and chemiluminescence, mainly by stimulating the generation of young scientists to keep enlightening the society. I do believe that bioluminescence, besides providing an endless source of biotechnological, biomedical and environmental applications, still holds fundamental answers for the mysteries of life.

As a president in the biennium 2017-2019, I am committed to promote an integrated view of the different areas and specificities of bioluminescence and chemiluminescence in their physical, chemical and biological; theoretical and experimental; and applied aspects in the medical, biotechnological, environmental and educational contexts.

My proposal for this biennium consists of the following goals and activities:

  1. to create introductory and advanced courses on chemi- and bioluminescence for students in national and international meetings
  2. to stir up worldwide technical and research cooperation
  3. to encourage students and colleagues to join the Society in efforts to disseminate the chemi- and bioluminescence areas in high schools and colleges
  4. to update the ISBC site with the insertion of a new link for job, fellowship, grants, and student exchange opportunities
  5. to underpin the realization of satellite meetings and workshops, and to organize the 2020 ISBC meeting in Brazil, among other activities
  6. to encourage the use of bioluminescence as a flag for conservation of biodiversity and development of a more sustainable word

To conclude I would like to greet the audience and to incite you all to work with us for the flourishment of our Society. Thank you very much for depositing trust on me to serve the ISCB as its President.

Vadim Viviani